Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer is Almost Over...Where did it go?

Girls Camp was quite an adventure! I was on the Stake Staff as the Craft Lady and this is the area we set up for the crafts.  
 While I slept in side, someone was up to this: (I feel so loved!)
 Our theme was "BRAVE" so I painted this sign, among others:
 One of our crafts was to make necklaces out of metal washers:
 And on the third day, we got hit with a massive hail storm that ripped tents open and lifted canopies into the air:

 Before camp even started, for about a month before, Vance, Layton, Josh, and I worked our tails off getting ready for it. Layton helped me paint and build benches:

 We needed metal for 250 magnet boards so Vance and Layton spent hours out in the barn cutting down large sheets of metal into small ones:
 Sometimes we had a break and played with our RC cars: (How do you like my lawn? Nice, huh?)
 Layton and two of his friends (Sam and Ethan) had a little campout in the backyard and burned some marshmallows:
 And while you can't really see them, Vance and Layton did some work under the Tahoe:
 We acquired a Lovesac that Josh really enjoys:
 I've had my share of visits to the emergency room this year. This particular trip was to treat my blood pressure, which happened to be 195/135 this particular time:
 I love me a good IV:
 We bought a new car this year that gets 35mpg so it won't cost us an arm and a leg every time Vance drives to work! 2005 Nissan Sentra:
 I bought an old yellow dresser at a thrift store in Show Low and asked Vance to turn it into this for the master bathroom:
 Josh and Mathew always get muddy when they ride the quads in Pinedale:
 We had a late snow storm in April this year. Layton snapped this of me returning from the chicken coop with only one egg that day:
 Easter this year was cold and we had a fire in the fireplace as we ate our mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, devilled eggs, and roast beef.
 I tried to make my homemade rolls look like little bunnies but I'm not buyin it:
 Our friend Brenda Willis had her 50th birthday and we threw her a surprise party at our house:

 The last 8 weeks of Layton's 6th grade year I spent subbing in the library at Taylor Intermediate:
 These are a few of the students who came to hang out and play my bean bag toss game:
 Our ward had a few wood cutting service projects:
 Our Relief Society Enrichment Nights always functioned smoother when we had help: (Josh and Loye and Vance and Jared)

 Melanie Solomon, Colette Whittle, and I sang a beautiful Christmas song, Do You Have Room?
 I am still the Cub Master and this is Josh Willis's Arrow of Light Ceremony:
 Our Blue and Gold Banquet was a Family Fun Night of Food and Games:

 And we had our annual pinewood derby again:

 My brother, Stephen, bought the house we all grew up in and has gutted it and is remodeling it. Vance goes down and helps him. The kitchen:

 The family room:

 The fireplace:
 The living room:
 On Valentine's Day this year, we invited some friends over and had dinner and played the Newly Wed Game. Sadly, Vance and I came in last place:

 In March, Vance was released as the Ward's Young Men's President and called to be a Stake High Councilman. He now speaks in other wards every third Sunday. He was required to shave off his facial hair. He's had it for almost nine years so it was weird!

 Josh has enjoyed working at Big Lake and in his spare time, he catches fish:
 We went to Roosevelt Lake with the Willis's and the Rolows in May:

 This is me flying off the tube:

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  1. Oh my goodness where to start? I guess at the beginning!

    It's no surprise to me that you were put over crafts for girls camp. You should post a completed necklace. I'm interested to see it!

    You should also post pictures of your house. It looks amazing!

    I'm so glad you posted pictures of Stephen's house. I've been dying to see all the changes. It looks so different. I want to see a close up of the kitchen!

    It's so different to see Vance without facial hair! Glad he has enough faith to accept a calling that requires him to get rid of it! My dad's had his "stache" my whole life. Sometimes he does the goatee thing with it, but I've never seen him without facial hair. I wonder if he'd be willing to shave it off if he was called as a high councilman...? How's Vance liking having to speak so often? That sounds pretty miserable to me!